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Sustainable Marketing – Desirable Products – Reflection 5

Sustainable marketing promotes products that are beneficial to the consumer and society as a whole.  These beneficial products can either have an immediate appeal or long term benefit.  Products that have an immediate appeal do not necessarily have a beneficial … Continue reading

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Factors of Consumer Buying Behavior – Reflection 4

The four main factors that affect consumer buyer behavior are: cultural, social, personal, and psychological.  By understanding the needs of the culture, subculture and social class a marketer can target specific needs of a particular culture.  Since human behavior is … Continue reading

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Differentiation and Positioning – World Class Auto Detailing – Reflection 3

Positioning and differentiation are two strategies marketers use to make products stand out.  Positioning is where the product fits into a target market.  Differentiation is how the product sets itself apart from other products. Not only must a target market … Continue reading

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Practicum 4 – Peer Review

The video started of fantastic.  Many of the topics were covered in the presentation with a clear understanding given for cost-based pricing, price elasticity, pricing strategy, elasticity vs. inelasticity, and the different forms of competition.  The graphs and charts were … Continue reading

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Macro- vs. Micro-Environments – Reflection 2

Macro vs. Micro Environments             Understanding the marketing environment will assist the marketer in its efforts to serve its customers. The marketing environment consists of all the players and forces that are outside of the marketers and its management’s control. … Continue reading

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Needs As Demands – Reflection 1

Understanding Customer Needs             In order to understand customer needs, we must first define what needs are and the different kinds of needs. True human needs are things we can view as the basics: physical needs, social needs, and individual … Continue reading

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Marketing Survey

Marketing Survey Attached is our marketing survey to determine how the market may react in response to our product, Muddy Buddy Bars.  This survey was developed in order to get a general idea of how a consumer may respond … Continue reading

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