Introduce yourself to the Class

Welcome to Business 306 Marketing.  As usual we start of the class with a brief introduction.  In this case, because we are an online class, we focus on our strengths and weaknesses while working in teams.  Here is my initial post:

My name is Susan Laccabue.  I live in Santa Cruz.  I’m in my final two semesters at CSUMB as an Accounting major.  I’ll finish next semester with the additional 30 units I’ll need to sit for the CPA Examination.  My plan is to become a CPA and supplement my current accounting business with tax preparation services.  I have two children ages 21 and 22.  My hobbies include traveling, scuba diving, ballroom dance, and exercising.  I had an opportunity to travel to Switzerland, France, and Germany this summer on a CSUMB scholarship to study Tourism Management and Marketing and International Banking. 

My strengths are timeliness, responsiveness, and diligence in working on projects.  I am very detail oriented and take assignments and projects seriously.  My weaknesses are, I sometimes lack creative ideas and I am impatience with teammates who procrastinate or don’t do their share.

While the idea of these initial posts are good, it didn’t really lead us into forming teams as a group, put did give me enough information so that I could try and hand pick a group to work with.  I was able to select a group that so far really works well together.  We are all busy and some are more responsive than others, but all four of our group members are committed to a good grade.


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