The greatest challenges I see in relation to marketing concepts are those that relate to the dynamic forces that effect consumer buying behavior.  I would find it very challenging as a marketer to develop a marketing strategy for a company when the market is subject to many changes, factors, and consumer behaviors.  In addition, there is also the macro-environmental and micro-environmental market to consider.  The importance of target marketing is highlighted when we contemplate these variables.

Determining which target market to focus on and how to adapt to the changes within its segment would continue to be a challenge.  Due to these variables, it seems a bit like playing a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey.   Does a company develop a product or service and then try to target an audience, or does a company generate an idea, consider a target market, and then refine its product or service to cater to the target market?  I would imagine both scenarios likely take place and there is a bit of luck involved as well.

As far as learning style challenges go, I find that I am least effective using the multiple choices quizzes.  Primarily this is the case because of the time limitation for each quiz.  My approach is to read the PowerPoint with its notes and scan the Chapter for items not in the presentation.  The process of preparing for the quiz does work for me and is useful to encourage the reading of the material, but the quiz itself feels rushed.  Even though I finish with 10 or so minutes to spare, I feel so rushed that what might otherwise be an opportunity to reinforce the material, it is not.


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