Our team had the opportunity to go first for the practicum assignment.  I appreciated that we chose this position because it helped us develop team building skills within our group.  Like most people, I don’t care for team projects due to the imbalance of participation and procrastination that often occurs.  I believe that hand selecting our team based on the initial forum posts and the interaction we had for the practicum assignment has substantially benefited our team’s ability to work well together.  Because we met in the Google Hangouts and in person, we have developed a responsibility to each other and the group.  Because we were able to get input from our teammates about their strengths and weaknesses and have a sample of their writing style, selecting team members carried substance.  In many classes, teams form based on who you’re sitting next to or who you’ve chatted with down the hall.   My “aha” moment is the recognition that team formation and team building are primary imperatives for team effectiveness.

I appreciate the opportunity to write and to have the writing edited for grammar and punctuation.  Very few instructors at CSUMB will take the time to ensure that students are writing in a clear and concise manner and using proper technique.  I pay more attention to the feedback I get from Ms. Davis because I know that it will help with future papers, my senior capstone project, and in impending communication with colleagues.


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