Macro- vs. Micro-Environments – Reflection 2

Macro vs. Micro Environments

            Understanding the marketing environment will assist the marketer in its efforts to serve its customers. The marketing environment consists of all the players and forces that are outside of the marketers and its management’s control. Understanding these external forces is imperative in order to follow trends and changes within an industry. By following trends, a marketer can determine if their product is in line with current trends as well as give insight into new opportunities.  Marketers use two specific aptitudes for following trends.  These two disciplined methods are: marketing research and marketing intelligence.  With this careful study, strategies can be developed to meet challenges and seek opportunity.  Marketing research and intelligence is gained through understanding of two types more specific types of environments. These include: the micro- and macro-environments. 

The micro-environments are the people close to the company that have a direct effect on its ability to serve its customers.  They include: the company itself, suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customer markets, and competitors.  It is the job of the marketer to build relationships with these groups in order to establish clear understanding of the wants and needs of consumer demands. 

The macro-environment includes the larger societal forces that have bearing on the micro-environment.  This includes such things as: demographics, economics, natural, technological, political, and cultural forces.  The company and these other influences act within the macro-environment.  Understanding these relationships help gain insight into the forces that shape opportunity or may pose threats. All companies can be impacted by external forces.

Although are marketing planning assignment is still in the preliminary stages, we are attempting to gain understanding into the macro- and micro-environments through research and field study.  Our field study includes a survey.  This survey and its results are being analyzed and evaluated in order to determine if our product will be marketed effectively and if our target market is properly identified. Based on preliminary feedback, we have already made some adjustment to our target market and our product specification. 


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