Needs As Demands – Reflection 1

Understanding Customer Needs

            In order to understand customer needs, we must first define what needs are and the different kinds of needs. True human needs are things we can view as the basics: physical needs, social needs, and individual needs.  Physical needs include things such as food, water, clothing, warmth and safety.  Social needs include things such as the feeling of belonging and affection.  Individual needs include things such as knowledge and self-expression.   These basic needs are shaped by wants and demands.

            Wants are human needs with a personal touch.  These needs are impacted by individual personality and shaped by societal culture.   Demands, on the other hand, are wants that are requested by people with the purchasing power to command its demand.  Products with benefits to match the purchaser’s request generate the most value.  The goal is to determine consumer demand as defined by wants which are generated from basic needs.

            Our team presented Practicum 2 which covered consumer markets and consumer buyer behavior.  In the development of our support for these topics we had to use a company which became the demonstration for presenting the concepts.  We chose an auto detail shop.  By choosing an auto detail shop we were able to present our points and get back to the basics of understanding basic customer needs.  We recognize that people have the need to project a healthy image and the need to belong, because of this, our product became relate-able.  It is important to come back to the very basic of needs when selecting and developing a product.


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