Practicum 4 – Peer Review

The video started of fantastic.  Many of the topics were covered in the presentation with a clear understanding given for cost-based pricing, price elasticity, pricing strategy, elasticity vs. inelasticity, and the different forms of competition.  The graphs and charts were helpful for getting a visual of the price elasticity.  The grocery store slide was very helpful in determining the price per ounce and value based pricing of Sprite.  Choosing Sprite as an example is very effective as it is an inexpensive everyday purchase.  The elasticity of Sprite was clearly explained and that convenience plays a role in pricing.  Overall the video was very informative; it opened up great, was a bit slow for the first couple of slides, and then gained momentum and was quite good and informative for the remainder.  I would attribute the slowness on the first two slides to the lack of voice variation, not to the content itself. Thanks for the information!


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