Differentiation and Positioning – World Class Auto Detailing – Reflection 3

Positioning and differentiation are two strategies marketers use to make products stand out.  Positioning is where the product fits into a target market.  Differentiation is how the product sets itself apart from other products. Not only must a target market be identified, but segments within that market must be determined.  Marketers must plan their positions in order to give their product a greater advantage against its competitors, the do this by differentiating themselves.

For example, in our team’s practicum presentation we created an auto detailing company called World Class Auto Detailing (WCAD.)  This product was marketed to the service oriented image conscious consumer.  There are other auto detailing shops to choose from, but WCAD is the only one that offers a host of services at an affordable cost, provides fleet service discounts, and offers pickup and delivery service.  By promoting quality affordable service we create the idea that our service will fulfill a consumer’s budget and convenience needs.

We are also positioned on image.  We say, “[we] will not only transform the look of your automobile, but [we] will also transform how you feel when you’re driving.”  By promoting the position of image, we can create the idea in the minds of the consumer that their well-being is tied to a clean car. We tie their perceptions, impressions, and feelings about their image to our service.  With this psychological and behavioral impact, they are more inclined to have their car detailed and to do it quite often.


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