Sustainable Marketing – Desirable Products – Reflection 5

Sustainable marketing promotes products that are beneficial to the consumer and society as a whole.  These beneficial products can either have an immediate appeal or long term benefit.  Products that have an immediate appeal do not necessarily have a beneficial long term benefit.

These products are referred to as pleasing products.  An example of this may be the Sprite example that was used by the group who presented practicum 4.  Sprite may quench the thirst in the short term, but its sugary content may put on unwanted weight.

Products that have lower immediate benefit, but are beneficial in the long term are called salutary products. A good example of this might be vitamins and supplements.  These have no immediate benefit, but taken over time, it could have a positive effect on ones physical well-being.

A deficient product is one that has no immediate appeal or long term benefits.    An example of a deficient product would be a poorly constructed wrench that breaks apart on its first use.

A desirable product is the goal of the marketer.  This is a product that produces both high immediate pleasure and high long term benefits.  A good example of this would by our teams Muddy Buddy bars.  Because Muddy Buddy’s are both delicious and nutritious they meet the requirement of a desirable product.  Our marketing campaign has been geared toward making Muddy Buddy not just a tasty treat, but also appealing to the health minded consumer.  We have made our product gluten free and organic in order to promote long term benefit.



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