My life has been shaped by four things: my desire for financial security, to have children, to travel, and to achieve formal education.  At the age of seven I started putting my $.25 cent allowance aside.  For three years I saved enough money to afford half the cost of a small black and white television.  As agreed by my father, he paid the other half.  By 11, I was the only one of seven to have my own television.  At age 16, I started buying furniture to decorate my room; the first piece was a writing desk.  When I was 18, my hope chest was full and I moved from my parents’ house.   By the time I was 22, I bought my first of nine homes.

My twenties were spent traveling the world.  I went to numerous countries, exploring the world, learning about other cultures, and scuba diving in the many oceans.  My travels included trips all over the United States, throughout Mexico, the Bahamas, Jamaica, Venezuela, Peru, Brazil, Curacao, London, Holland, Hawaii and Canada. While the travels fulfilled a dream, it was time to pursue another dream; to start a family.  By the age 30, I was married with a two year old daughter and a newborn son.  The years that followed were filled with a different kind of excitement and adventure.  When my children started elementary school, I started school too.  For the next few years I would obtain Associate Degrees in Accounting and Liberal Arts, with emphasis on Early Childhood Education.  My school was on hold again for the teen years; my children needed me.

When my youngest was approaching graduation from high school, I got back to traveling and diving.  Since then I’ve added several more countries to my list: Egypt, Indonesia, Fiji, Switzerland, Germany, and France.  When my son graduated high school, I got back to my own education. In one more year, I will be a EA and expand the bookkeeping practice I own and operate.


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