Marketing Survey

Marketing Survey

Attached is our marketing survey to determine how the market may react in response to our product, Muddy Buddy Bars.  This survey was developed in order to get a general idea of how a consumer may respond to our product.  It was also intended to determine brand recognition of Muddy Buddy’s products and determine which type of consumers are interested in cereal bars in general.


Practicum 2 – Consumer Markets and Buying Behavior

Our ability to work as a team was put to the test immediately.  We were assigned the first Practicum to present to the class.  The goal was to explain consumer markets and buying behavior as it relates to a particular product.  We discovered quickly that Google Hangouts has a learning curve, and none of our team members where skilled enough to get it to work in a way that we found satisfying for our presentation.  The sound quality was terrible and the slides did not advance on the PowerPoint.  We met in person to try to utilize it more effective, met online, and eventually ended up changing our program.  The link below is the final outcome of our presentation.

The idea of going first was very beneficial for us as it developed team work and cohesiveness in our group from the start.  I anticipate that putting together the Marketing Plan will go smoother because of this initial project.

Enjoy the video!