Marketing Growth

Marketing Growth – Building a Stronger Business

This course has made an impact on me as I view myself in relation to my career goals.  I have had it in mind that I would be going back to school to finish my degree for a number of years.  I’ve been very clear that I would get my CPA certification and supplement my already existing business with the ability to provide income tax consulting and preparation.  This course has helped me to have more focus on specifically how I would go about that.  I realize after studying many concepts in this course that my focus has been too generalized.

The study of the marketing plan allowed more insight in to the importance of a target market, branding, and positioning strategy.  The target market is important in order to narrow down the types of customers I will work with in order to provide specialized service to a particular market.  Because I will be focuses on a smaller segment of businesses my expertise in this area will expand.

Branding will be an important element of my focus and should take into consideration the image that I want to present to my clients.  Since I am relatively a one person show, I haven’t recognized the value of branding.  I now believe that branding is even more important in my circumstances and that the image I portray will go a long way in how my clients view my practice.

Lastly, I recognize the importance of a positioning strategy and will focus on offering a more-for-less product.  Because I will be newly certified I will not be as knowledgeable as many of the more seasoned CPA’s but I will be able to offer my services at considerably less.  I will be able to offer much more than an Accountant because of my CPA standing, but do so at Accountants rates.


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