Real Life Marketing

Plans – SLAS – Susan Laccabue Accounting Services Target Marketing

I am a professional accountant with an established bookkeeping practice.  My business is called Susan Laccabue Accounting Services.  The business focuses on managing commercial and retail clients that fall within one and ten million in revenue.  The preceding description was the extent of my product focus and target market.

With the information gained from this course and the completion of my CPA licensing, I plan to expand my target market and the description of the services offered.  At this point the business will be capable of additional services and a redirected focus will be necessary.

By taking into consideration differentiation and positioning, I can continue to cater to small business environments but expand its parameters.  The new focus will be business from one million to twenty million with specialties that include: commercial construction, service and product retail and small manufacturing.  Additional parameters will include business with employees from zero to 100 and companies that utilize work in progress schedules and inventories.  Additionally, I will be qualified to work with sole proprietors, LLC, S-Corporations and trusts.  Bookkeeping services will continue to be offered along with tax preparation services.

The target market geographic which was not previously defined will include Santa Clara County, Santa Cruz County and Monterey County.  The demographic targeted in Santa Cruz and Monterey County will be product and service retail.  The value proposition proposed will be more-for-less.  While my service hourly rate is at the high end for bookkeeping service, it will be at the lower end for CPA’s.


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